Click F1 is constructed as a network organization on project basis. Click F1 invests using art and culture, sports and media, directly or indirectly in the future of children and adolescents. With creative and proven effective projects and programs we inspire children and youth to further develop and strengthen themselves. We do this for governments, civil society and business, at its own or in coalition. For every project we seek the best partners with specific knowledge and direct connections with the target groups. We focus not only on empowering children and young adults but also on empowering those who directly or indirectly work with children and young adults.

C&C is a network organization realizing professional educational programmes with creative media as a tool for the underprivileged and people who have been, or threaten to become in contact with Justice and criminal law.

We aim at and contribute to a structural and integrated policy and budget for education with the arts in rehabilitation programmes in all institutions dealing with Justice and criminal law and the preventing of criminal behavior and recidivism. We  initiate and give guidance to research assignments and maintain cross-sectoral relationships with universities and experts. We are the Dutch coordinator for the SEPE certificate, SEPE certificate (Supporting Employability and Personal Effectiveness) In 2014 C&C won the international price at the Dutch ‘Festival van het Leren’, supported by UNESCO.

Nottingham Trent University. Its main areas of activity are teaching undergraduate and post graduate students, and research. Absolute Numbers: 2,358 staff. Learners: 21,000. This project will be developed by the Interactive Systems Research Group (ISRG) within the Computing and Informatics Team which develops and evaluates virtual environments, serious games and assistive technologies to promote the social inclusion of all EU citizens. Expertise/competence: User sensitive inclusive design and participatory methods for working with excluded groups; universal accessibility; the use of interactive technologies for cognitive and physical rehabilitation; the design and evaluation of games based learning for the work preparation of people with disabilities and those at risk of social exclusion; designing serious games to promote inclusion. NTU also organizes its annual Interactive Technologies and Games (ITAG) conference linked to the annual Computer Games Festival – GameCity.

HITECO is a private non-profit institution offering guidance in advanced technologies and providing various services, consultancy, training and developments in information communication technology field.

HITECO provides an impulse of the open source e-knowledge society, aiming to preserve the ethical identity implementing the existing tools into the educational contest, stressing and focusing the attention of the e-tools towards the human dimension and need to improve skills and ability into the long life learning dimension; operate as practical support in the definition of limits and sustainability of the technology impact of the personal reality.

HITECO goals include promoting international co-operation based on applying new technologies and Internet tools. It covers cooperation at European and universal level into project definitions and supporting the promotion of languages identities, implement valorisation of local and native realities into a globalising high tech society, demonstrating the value of the identities for a harmonic future of integration between technology and human being.

STEPS was born to elaborate and manage projects able to stimulate the personal growth of citizens, and the social and economic development of territories and organisations, both public and private, respecting the environment and the social cohesion. In order to reach such objectives, STEPS put at disposal the skills of a group of experts and professionals of training, technology innovation, research, culture, and social inclusion. To this purpose STePS elaborates and manages demand-driven projects aiming at  the empowerment of individuals through personalized, collaborative and participative forms of learning. We favour equitable learning opportunities by using museum, libraries, theaters, gardens and even supermarkets as alternative learning environments but we do not renounce fundamental activities like proper training need analysis, assessment and validation of competence. STEPS is a recently born (2013) company which put at disposal the skills of a group of experts with many years of experience. We work with associations and local authorities in different local and regional projects for the promotion of urban horticulture as a tool for social inclusion and education. Within this contexts STEPS tasks are related to evaluation and monitoring, project planning and organisation of events and courses, as well as the development of a specific teaching methodology and participatory process.

CHAINS (Change Institutions SMART) is an organisation with the ambition to have more humane and effective (justice) systems on a national, European and international level for all people incarcerated, either mentally of physical, by combining the knowledge of science, governments, society and artists and create innovative projects with measurable results.

We create projects together with young talented people and more experienced professionals, all with different educational backgrounds like engineering, documentary makers, international and European law, social psychology, software developers. They develop and implement innovative ideas in a SMART way to realize the ambitions of CHAINS. SMART is short for Specific, Measurable, Assignable, Realistic and Time-related. Inspired by new innovative ideas from science, society, and businesses the goal of CHAINS is to stimulate cooperation between all these stakeholders in order to make the transition to a more effective and humane (justice) system for people incarcerated.

Accord International was established in 2010 in Prague, it provides complex services in different sectors. It brings together consultants and project managers covering professionally the fields of education, culture, ICT, support to SMEs, regional development, sustainable development, social policies, enhancement of active employment policy, social integration and others.

Accord International is a project partner of SEGAN (Serious Games Network). This project is targeted at establishment of the international network of professionals, schools and teachers, who are involved in development and usage of so called “serious games” as an educational tool.  It is also partner of the project ICT Ways ( ICT Ways for Science Classrooms) funded by LLP (Comenius). The project aims to develop international network – platform for mutual exchange of experience and good practice. Moreover, Accord International is also the project coordinator of iSMART project which focuses on the use of “smart” ICT tools (such as smart phones, tablets and interactive whiteboards) as support for pupils with learning disabilities (particularly dyslexia) in formal and informal education.

Kocaeli Open Correctional Institution started in 5.02.2010. The Institution has a capacity for 450 prisoners and the prisoners’ building has 48 rooms. The purpose of the Institution is rehabilitation, prisoners do various activities so they it will be easier to adapt to real life for them. There are 208 employers working within the Institution. General Kitchen, Laundry, Central Heating Station, Primary Health Care Center, Mass Housing and Sewage Treatment Plant are the departments of the Institution.

There are some workshops within the Institution and the purposes of these workshops are stimulating the process of rehabilitation. Bakery, Metal Working Shop, Market, Canteen, Cafeteria and Jewelry Design Shops are the some of them.

Education department is actively involved in the rehabilitation process of prisoners; it organizes training and socio-cultural activities. English, computer and (digital) literacy courses are some of them. Beside this, the Institution arranges meeting days for prisons and prisoner’s relatives to stimulate social inclusion.