The general idea of the game is that the players will have to fulfill several tasks and assignments, in a digital world. In doing so they will develop their personal skills. But Real Life is not only a digital game, apart from the digital game they will have to discuss ideas and dilemmas with each other in the real world. The mentor who will acts more as a coach than as a teacher will play an active role in this process.

We will need a very challenging digital world: Real Life City.
Real Life City is as all cities, a city with very different neighbourhoods, all elements that you could expect in a modern city have to be present, a city centre, with shops, restaurants, museums, ancient monuments, theatres, a waterfront and a harbour, parks, playgrounds for kids, schools, etc.
There will be very nice areas to live in the town, but also dirty slums, where people would prefer not to live.
In different areas in the city we will compose challenges that the players will have to fulfill. To fulfill these task they will need to use and develop their soft skills. Villagers may be used in oredr to populate the city