Real Life Pathways

What is Real Life Pathways? A tool where prisoners can draft their own plans for reintegration. Players are stimulated to think about their plans for the future and encouraged to actually write their plans down. Goal platform To inspire desistance, the process of turning your life around

Real Life conference in Amsterdam

On June 20 the Real Life blended learning conference took place in Eye Film Museum. It was the Dutch close of a three-year project in which five countries worked together to set up the digital learning environment, for which various serious games were developed. The day began with an introduction by Chairman Rogier Elshout,,[…]

Special thanks

It is with great pleasure that we can announce that through project Real Life, supported by Erasmus Plus programme, we have created a blended learning platform – –  that can now be used by many more countries to educate people in correctional facilities. A few years ago we started with project Real Life, based[…]

The Pilot in Kaunas (Lithuania)

Last week of June, 2017 the project Real Life partner from Lithuania – VSI HITECO – organised the pilot training in Kaunas Juvenile Remand Prison-Correction House. The trainings were leaded by Ed Santman (Changes & Chances, NL) and Hendrik Jan Trooster (CLICK F1, NL) together with the local mentors from the prison-correction house and partly[…]

The Dutch Pilot in 2018

Early January the Dutch pilot of the Real Life Project will begin at “Stichting Exodus”, thisis an institution where some people are allowed to spend the last period of their imprisonement. Here they are supported to pick up their lives again, find a house and get a job. “Stichting Exodus” is very interested in the[…]

Multiplier event in Kocaeli

The Turkish Multiplier Event was held on Wednesday, the 27th of Octrober 2017. The general participant profile of the event can be divided into 4 main clusters. These are representatives from: 1. Judiciary Organizations 2. Other Public Organizations 3. Bar Associations 4. Prison Staffs 5. Researchers The event started with an opening speech by the Chief[…]

Multiplier event in Lithuania

27th June, 2017 VŠĮ HITECO (Lithuania) with the support of Prison Department under the Ministry of Justice of the Republic Lithuania and project partners was organised the project Conference “Re-integration of the ex-prisoners using gaming to develop 21st-century and employability skills”. The event which brought together public decision makers, representatives of the prison institutions and[…]

Next Pilot Real Life Project

The next pilot of the Real Life Project will take place in the Netherlands in November. In this pilot we will focus upon what we have called the Real Life Pathways.  We will work on how to organise the fundaments of your life, your house, your finances, your education,, your employment, your health, etc. The[…]