Real Life Multiplier Event in Lithuania

27th June, 2017 will be held the Real Life project Conference. The event will take place in Vilnius, Lithuania and will focus on three important goals: to launch the website /and, to initiate creation of a Social Impact Bond and finding new partners who will implement the Real Life game after the project.[…]

What is Non-Formal Education?

Non-formal education became part of the international discourse on education policy in the late 1960s and early 1970s. It can be seen as related to the concepts of recurrent and lifelong learning. Non-formal education is about ‘acknowledging the importance of education, learning and training which takes place outside recognized educational institutions’. Four characteristics came be[…]

Criminal Sanctions Against Recidivists in Turkish Penal Law

You can find here a study on Criminal Sanctions against Recidivists in Turkish Law by the academic Benay ÇAYLAK, which aims to analyze and explain the issue of recidivism which refers to repetition of criminal behaviour by the same offender, within the context of the Turkish Penal Code of 2005 which approaches recidivists differently, as opposed to the former[…]