Real Life conference in Amsterdam

On June 20 the Real Life blended learning conference took place in Eye Film Museum. It was the Dutch close of a three-year project in which five countries worked together to set up the digital learning environment, for which various serious games were developed.

The day began with an introduction by Chairman Rogier Elshout,, who also chaired the CHAINS, foundation, one of the seven organizations that have developed Real Life; CHAINS, Click F1 and Changes & Chances from the Netherlands, Steps from Italy, Hiteco from Lithuania, Nottingham Trent University from England, Kocaeli Open Correctional Institution from Turkey.


The goal of the day was learning about concepts like gamification and blended learning. In recent years we have noticed that thinking about using digital educational resources is not so obvious in prison education. Many countries still teach detainees in traditional ways. This obviously also has to do with restrictions such as access to the internet. In many countries, the digital infrastructure simply does not even offer support to implement a digital platform. Nevertheless, internet access is a requirement for reintegration, in many societies all administrative processes have been digitized. On the other hand, far too many detainees still have too little access to the internet, as a result they can insufficiently prepare for their return to society. The Real Life platform offers a solution. Internet is not necessary for using the platform, but can be used.

Conference3    Conference4

During the day, Avinash Changa, among others, was the founder of VR company We Make VR. He is an inspiring example for anyone pushing the limits of what is possible with virtual reality. It was a beautiful day and we look forward to the follow-up of Real Life project. The games are open source and can be used by anyone who is interested.