Multiplier event in Kocaeli

The Turkish Multiplier Event was held on Wednesday, the 27th of Octrober 2017. The general participant profile of the event can be divided into 4 main clusters. These are representatives from:

1. Judiciary Organizations
2. Other Public Organizations
3. Bar Associations
4. Prison Staffs
5. Researchers

The event started with an opening speech by the Chief Public Prosecutor Mr. Mehmet Ali KURT. He welcomed the guests and expressed the importance of such international actions as regards to the extension of the vision of penal institutions.

Secondly, the legal representative of Kocaeli Open Penal Institution (KOCI) and Public Prosecutor Mr. Serhat TUTUNCU took the floor. He provided brief information about the project by touching upon the previous European Project experience “PEETA” which was funded under Lifelong Learning Programme of EU.

Later on, the project consultant Mr. Mustafa GINESAR made a detailed presentation about Real Life Project. He also held a short workshop on the sample games of Real Life.

During this workshop, Project Officer Mr. Deniz TUNCA presented the key information related to the piloting processes which was held in KOCI in January and April 2017.

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